About Me

Well well you’ve landed on my Blog and you may have found yourself wanting to know something more about the guy who is writing and brooding here in the deep recesses of the inter-web.  Maybe not, but in any case you have stumbled into my “About” page and so here it is.

Today is  March 30th, 2012 but I was born on February 17, 1988 in Modesto, CA and have lived the entirety of my life in this great state.  I’m 24 right now and close to all the time I have used up while clinging to the surface of this planet has been spent in and around Stockton, CA.  I would still call it my home town and I still have a lot of family there.  The city itself is going through somewhat of a bona fide crisis right now, as is much of the country.  I ask myself why it’s not harder to watch but for whatever reason, everyone seems to be stomaching it right now.  It’s never a good thing when your home is being torn apart, whether it be your family unit, your city, your country or your world…

I live in Sacramento now and I’m growing to like this town.  It feels underdeveloped for being the state seat of California but I say that’s just fine.  There should be something said for a city that balances progress of infrastructure and nature.  And so I call Sacramento my home for now and I plan on doing that for some time.

I want to write and that’s it really.  I didn’t realize this until just a few years ago and now I’m using this Blog as a tool to further my writing craft.  I don’t intentionally mean to offend anyone through anything posted here, but it might happen.  I wouldn’t want to curtail my writing or any writing in a way that rendered it dishonest, especially out of fear of being politically or emotionally incorrect of insensitive.  But with that said, I would like this to serve as a net for positive thought and positive dialogue, if it can become and serve as such.  The focus is always positive, but the focus will not run from reality.  So with that in mind, thanks for stopping by.



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