On Taking Action

    All things in Nature are inclined to follow the path of least resistance(POLR).  Humans are not free of this inclination, even if they are citizens of a great nation that preaches great ideals and ethics.  The dropping of a pen or the grabbing of a phone in the pursuit of remedying some injustice, appears to be second nature when addressing issues.  It is here that we enter into the shadowy realm of diffused social responsibility.

    The battle -as I will call it- shifts from (The Problem Itself) to (Who Needs/Should Fix The Problem?)  Often times the (POLR) will influence the majority down a train of thought that stops at a place called, "Another Person Will Handle It Junction."  The problem with boarding this particular train of thought is that this juncture many of us intersect -on a day to day basis- has many passengers traveling by it, yet very few disembarking at it's platform.  Therefore, -more times than not- the majority of observers of a particular problem in society, become onlookers -and whiners- but nothing more.  They are aware of a particular problem but believe that it is not their battle, it is not their responsibility to take the appropriate actions to neutralize or address an issue that they themselves recognize as harmful or contrary to the positive progression of society.  The truth is, if you do not march out onto this platform yourself, no one else will.
It is here that each of us is given an oppurtuntiy to move out of our limited perspectives of:(Mine) v. (Theirs), (Not My Problem) v. (Their Problem) and instead choose to look at problems, time, and the country as: (Ours For Now.)  "Ours For Now," endows each of us with a higher level of ownership over each other and ourselves and should beckon us to stand up for what is right, when we know that it is right or kneel down to pluck out weeds, when we see that they are affecting the "community garden."  

    If we do not conduct ourselves with reason, forethought, and proactivity, we will pave a road that leads to an expansive city, marred by endless laws that take away the very freedom they profess to protect.  Under this "blanket" of protection, we will be warm throughout the night but we will suffocate under it's immense weight and at a certain point, -deep down- we will be happy that it is finally over.  I'm confident that no one wants this to be the destiny we create for ourselves but I hope that as we grow, our reach does not exceed our grasp on our own potential for good and evil and that our ability to fall victim to sensationalism or hasty and reactive emotion does not ensnare our abilities.  Godspeed.  

V.M. Castrejon 
By strangerinthestrangestland

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