Off to Europe


So here’s the bag. Its a Deuter 65 liter bag and it’s going to be my mobile base camp for the next two months. I’ll be leaving San Francisco for Barcelona in two days to start the only backpacking trip through Europe that I will ever take, as a 24 year old… It’s really exciting but at the same time actually, it’s really scary too.

To think that you only live once. You’re only young like this once and then it’s over.  But it’s not lights out no more pain, no more toil…  It’s more along the lines of, “Go grind it out from right now until whenever you meet your end, but here, bring along a few of your hazy, fleeting memories.  Memories forged back from a time when the world before you was raw and wide open with potential, back from when you, were swarming with potential.”

With that in mind, I’m really going to take advantage of this trip. Yes fearful not to enrage an older version of myself to the point where he might want to beat the life out of today’s version.

By the way, I’m using this post as a test to get a feel for how all of the travel posts will turn out after being uploaded from an iPhone. Thanks for reading, don’t let the world close in on you too much.


By strangerinthestrangestland